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Joint Pain Relief is needed for people who have joint injuries or chronic pain like arthritis. Coeur D' Alene, ID chiropractic care provider Appleway Chiropractic has the care patients need now.

Joint Pain Relief Q & A

by Dr. Brian Norce

What do the Joints Do in the Body?

The joints are the connectors for the bones, and they help the body move correctly. There are many different kinds of joints in the body. Some joints are stable and barely move while others move freely in many different ways. When the joints move properly, they allow the muscles and ligaments to work perfectly. However, when the joints become swollen or have restricted movement, serious pain or movement problems can develop. Chiropractic care is geared towards alleviating joint issues in a non-invasive manner.

Why Does Joint Pain Happen?

Joint pain happens for a variety of different reasons. Extra weight can cause joint pain, especially on the weight-bearing joints like the hips and the knees. Joint pain is often the result of arthritis, as it causes inflammation and swelling. Ligament injuries are also tied to joint pain in some cases.

What Can the Chiropractor do for Joint Pain?

The chiropractor's goal is to identify the cause of the joint pain and then deal with the problem directly at its roots. By correcting the joint pain where it began, the pain can be alleviated long term. Medication can provide relief from joint pain, but it is temporary, and the patient will become reliant on pills every few hours. Chiropractic seeks to bring a patient the relief they need with no medication at all. As the chiropractor performs spinal manipulations and specific manipulations around problem joints, the pain is greatly alleviated and the range of movement can be restored. The soft tissue surrounding the joints can finally heal for good with the proper treatment approach, and this will allow the joints to function normally again. In addition to chiropractic manipulations, physiotherapy modalities like moist heat therapy and electrical muscle stimulation may be helpful in pain relief and healing.


Words from our patients

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    "Extremely friendly staff! Dr. Norce has been extremely helpful in answering questions and is very friendly."

    Brixton M.
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    "Dr. Norce and his staff are very professional and caring. I was impressed with the focus on health goals and treatment planning."

    Dale B.
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    "I absolutely love Dr. Norce, my entire family has been going to him for over 10 years... The city of Coeur d' Alene is lucky to have him."

    Hannah R.
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    "Love Dr. Norce and what he has done for me... If you have back issues, headaches, or neck pain, I highly recommend Dr. Norce!"

    Jennifer B.
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    "Dr. Norce and his staff are extremely professional and friendly. A very welcoming office and a Dr. who truly cares about you and your issue."

    TJ P.
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